Our Mission

We are dedicated to identifying and developing beneficial products for the dairy industry that utilize the latest technology and research. We market these products through partnerships with reputable and professional distribution companies.

Our Vision

At AAS, we strive to link the nutritional needs of the dairy farm with advances emerging from the academic community through the development of cost-effective and beneficial products.

These products are developed to increase dairy profitability by enhancing animal growth and milk production through better nutrition and improved health.

For veterinarians, nutritionists, feed distributors, and animal health suppliers:
AAS products provide another tool to use in animal care, as well as another source of income.

For the dairy farm owner or manager:
AAS products increase production and decrease the cost of treating sick animals. We strive to empower our customers through useful information for operating a profitable business.

Contact us for more information about how AAS products can help decrease the cost of treatment and increase profitability.

Learn about joining a team that is dedicated to animal health and the development of innovative products.

Drenching is one of the most beneficial ways to increase treatment success rates in sick and fresh cows.
PowerPak™ is the perfect solution for the instant and residual energy cows need to quickly return to peak production.