PowerPak is specially formulated to provide the right ingredients at the most effective levels.1,2

PowerPak is a real game-changer. It’s the perfect solution to give your power hitters instant and residual energy to quickly return to peak production.

And that’s a home run for the health of your herd… and your profitability.

PowerPak is ideal for cows during sickness, at calving, and during times of reduced intake:1,2

  • Helps raise blood calcium and magnesium levels
  • Minimizes body fat mobilization
  • Restores lost electrolytes
  • Stimulates rumen microbial growth
  • Helps maintain liver health

PowerPak is the ONLY drench that includes optimized amounts of three key ingredients:1


Provides energy to support the demands of lactation1


Supplies a nutritious source of soluble protein to support rumen bacteria growth and provide energy1,3,4


A hydrolyzed yeast culture that provides a consistent supply of mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) and other metabolites to support stressed animals5

Ready… Set… Drench!
See our simple, step-by-step video on proper drench technique, demonstrated by Dr. Joe Bender.
Calves need added nutrition and protection against disease to ensure healthy growth.


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