PowerPak™ and Calcium Boost™ Drench Mixes from AAS give cows the boost they need during sickness, calving, or times of reduced intake. Hear what our customers say:

PowerPak Drench Mix is great stuff! I like it better than just alfalfa alone because this has all of the extra goodies already mixed in. It mixes great and is super easy to pump. Plus, it helps cows get up and moving and they look better within a couple of hours. We’ll continue using PowerPak Drench Mix as long as they keep making it!

Jamie, Sandy Ridge Dairy, 1,500 Cows

We have used PowerPak for cows with depressed appetites for 3 years now. PowerPak often is the only intervention needed to kick-start the recovery process. We have not found a more effective product and will continue to keep PowerPak as a valuable tool in our cow care program at Synergy Dairy LLC.

Heather, Synergy Dairy LLC, 600 Cows

We have been using Calcium Boost Drench Mix for quite some time now. We use it on our problem cows and have seen great results with the product. It will be used for LDA cows post-surgery and also severely sick cows. These animals show great improvement already the next day. With the added calcium it gives us more confidence that we are supplementing everything that these cows may need, giving us added peace of mind.

Bryan, Betley Family Farms, 2,500 Cows


I use PowerPak Drench Mix EVERY TIME I have a cow with a depressed appetite to get them back on the right track. There are so many valuable ingredients that it can help the cow recover from a broad spectrum of issues. I often don’t even need to supplement it with another product because it can stand alone. If I have a cow that is severely struggling to regain her spot as a productive member of the herd, she will get pumped with PowerPak Drench Mix daily, until she recovers, because I don’t trust any other product to take its place.

Mitch, Brook Farms, 425 Cows

I have used PowerPak and I really like it because it gives the fresh cows the boost that they need. I only pump the ones that have a slow start and they respond very well to it. I will also use it on cows that are dehydrated from being sick. I really like this product and I would highly recommend it.

Shirley, Kostechka Dairy, 1,000 Cows

I have been using PowerPak for several years and with the CowManager® tags from Select Sires Inc., you can see the positive results from the drench mix and the effects it has for cows off feed. I think I tried every product out there and with my own studies using the CowManager tags, I could actually see that with PowerPak I was getting the results that I wanted for the sick cows I used it on.

Andy, Branch View Dairy LLC, 700 Cows

We have used PowerPak Drench Mix on our farm for years. It works well with cows that are either borderline milk fever after calving or just sluggish eating. It is an important tool in our arsenal of animal care products, and we have not found any other products that work as well.

Brent, Irish Acres, 450 Cows

Every once in a while, you have a cow that may be off feed, down in milk production and isn’t feeling well. One of the first things we do is drench them with the Calcium Boost Drench Mix. It mixes very well and is easy to use. The cows seem to bounce back the next day, especially after two times of drenching them. They look better and start to have more milk. It seems to help them bounce back quick. I would certainly recommend anyone to use this on any cow that seems to be down in milk and not eating.

Dee, Shafdon Farms LLC, 250 Cows


We give PowerPak Drench Mix to fresh cows that are slow to take off after calving and any cows that are off feed. We use the Lely Qwes™ cow-recognition system that measures rumination activity, allowing us to find cows off feed very quickly. Whenever rumination slows, we give drench mix and rumination often increases after just one treatment. Cows are rehydrated quickly and receive the nutritional supplementation they need. It helps us improve the chances of full recovery. The ingredients are finely ground and easy to use with an esophageal pump.

Julie, Bacon’s Rolling Acres

Both PowerPak and Calcium Boost have steadily become the go-to oral drench products used at our clinic when dealing with transitional and metabolic issues in our clients’ animals. One of the main advantages we have found with these products is the ability to better match the formulation used to the specific issues at hand. There is no “one size fits all” approach when working with animals, and having targeted product options has provided us with the increased flexibility and individualized treatment options we need to get our patients back on track.

Veterinary Associates LLC

Drenching is one of the most beneficial ways to increase treatment success rates in sick and fresh cows.
PowerPak™ is the perfect solution for the instant and residual energy cows need to quickly return to peak production.