The AAS Drench System is an easy, economical, and durable choice for all drench applications.

Both veterinarians and dairy farmers agree: The AAS Drench System provides an easy way to administer the large amounts of nutrient-rich fluid that sick or fresh cows need to return to peak production.

  • A non-breakable PVC speculum with an attached nose clip to keep it in place and free both hands for pumping
  • A high-volume bilge pump (6 strokes per gallon) that handles slurry as well as liquid
  • A stomach tube beveled on one end to protect the esophagus from injury
  • Complete instructions for use to ensure proper administration of fluids and reduce the risk of death or damage
  • Economical
  • User-friendly
  • Durable
  • Safe
Ready… Set… Drench!
See our simple, step-by-step video on proper drench technique, demonstrated by Dr. Joe Bender.
PowerPak™ Drench Mix is the drench with the difference, specially formulated to provide a complete mix of the right ingredients.
Drenching is one of the most beneficial ways to increase treatment success rates in sick and fresh cows.