PowerPak is made with high-quality ingredients and close attention to quality standards.

All ingredients are finely ground to be compatible with esophageal pump systems.

Alfalfa meal

A key component unique to PowerPak Drench Mix:

  • Supplies a nutritious source of soluble protein to support rumen bacteria growth
  • Provides high protein content and a high proportion of soluble protein and rumen-degradable protein (RDP)
Calcium propionate

Provided at the optimized levels shown to help increase the success rate in treating dairy cows:

  • Supplies both propionate for energy and calcium for the demands of lactation
  • Calcium propionate is less injurious to the cow’s mouth and esophagus than calcium chloride
Hilyses® A hydrolyzed yeast culture that is now included to provide a consistent supply of mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) and other metabolites to support stressed animals
Calcium salts of fatty acids

Included for additional energy:

  • Important when appetite is depressed and for both calving and milk synthesis
  • Research demonstrates a possible synergistic effect with dietary fat and glucose precursors
Dried whey Provided as a readily available food for rumen microbes
Potassium and sodium Provided in optimal amounts to restore electrolytes lost at calving
Magnesium Included to replenish marginal plasma magnesium levels at calving that can contribute to hypocalcaemia
Direct-fed microbials Provided by several strains of Enterococcus facium
Niacin Added at 12 grams per dose to help reduce the rate of fat mobilization, decrease the concentration of ketones in the blood, and increase blood glucose levels

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Ready… Set… Drench!
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