With PowerPak, you can be sure a consistent quality product will be delivered with every dose.

PowerPak is packaged in a convenient, single-dose, 4.5-lb bags (10 per case) or in a 50-lb bag.


  • Mix 4.5 lbs of AAS PowerPak with 5 or more gallons of water.
  • Administer to the cow using a stomach drench system, such as the AAS Drench System.
  • Be sure to consult your veterinarian for more information about proper use and drench technique.

For additional product information, please review the PowerPak label and product brochure.

Ready… Set… Drench!
See our simple, step-by-step video on proper drench technique, demonstrated by Dr. Joe Bender.
The AAS Drench System is an easy, economical, and durable choice for all drench mix applications.