Drenching is one of the most beneficial ways to increase treatment success rates.1

Fluid therapy is a proven and effective treatment for cows that are off feed, providing a convenient method for administering essential nutrients.

Using an esophageal tube and pump, one person can drench a cow quite simply using proper drenching technique.

Ready… Set… Drench! Our simple, step-by-step video demonstrates proper drenching technique.

Dr. Joe Bender of Agriculture Veterinary Associates provides a thorough demonstration of how to properly drench cows, including how to:

  • Prepare the drench mix
  • Restrain the cow to reduce her ability to swing her head
  • Insert the speculum and hose through the esophagus and into the rumen
  • Slowly pump the drench solution

Be sure to consult with your veterinarian for any additional instruction and any questions you may still have about properly and safely drenching.



Drenching tips:2

Tip 1

Don’t get impatient during pumping. The cow should be chewing on the tube when you pump.

  • Pumping too fast causes reflux into the esophagus and throat.
  • Never hook up the drench system to a motorized pump; it will exceed the cow’s ability to get the liquid into the rumen and may drown the cow.
Tip 2

Check placement of the tube before pumping. You will usually feel two hard objects in the throat rather than one.

  • This is a sign that you have succeeded in placing the tube into the esophagus.
  • Feeling just one hard object means your tube is inside the trachea.
Tip 3

Cows can be drenched 1 to 2 times per day.

  • Limit drenching to 2 times per 24 hours.
The AAS Drench System provides a simple way to administer large amounts of fluid and comes complete with all the items you need.
PowerPak™ Drench Mix is the drench with the difference, specially formulated to provide a complete mix of the right ingredients.


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