Calcium propionate and alfalfa are essential ingredients to restore energy and nutrients.

Not all drenches include the right ingredients at effective enough levels to provide both the instant and residual energy needed to get cows back to peak production.

Based on scientific research and field tests, two essential ingredients that are either under-dosed or not included in many drench mixes are calcium propionate and alfalfa.

Calcium Propionate

Calcium propionate is a key ingredient for replenishing both energy and calcium to sick and fresh cows.1,2

  • The energy from adequate amounts of calcium propionate has been shown to help increase the success rate in treating dairy cows.1
  • Many drench products do not provide adequate amounts of calcium propionate to be beneficial.1:


Equally important is alfalfa, which provides an excellent source of nutrients for rumen bugs.1

  • These beneficial microbes produce volatile fatty acids (acetic, butyric, and propionic), which cows use as an energy source.3
  • Other important benefits include high protein content and a high proportion of soluble protein and rumen-degradable protein (RDP).4

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PowerPak™ Drench Mix is specially formulated to provide a complete mix of the right ingredients, including effective levels of calcium and alfalfa.
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