What do cows need?

Various farm trials have shown high levels of calcium propionate to be the key ingredient for providing both energy and calcium to fresh cows.

Providing 100 to 150 grams of calcium from calcium propionate lowers the risk of milk fever and reduces the symptoms of subclinical hypocalcaemia, including depressed immune system, poor muscle tone, and higher incidences of displaced abomasum (DA).

The energy available from this amount of calcium propionate helps lower the risk of ketosis and related disorders.

Do your drench products measure up?

Many drench products available on the market provide only a fraction of the calcium propionate necessary for good results or supply calcium from other sources that provide no gluconeogenic supplementation at all.

Why add alfalfa meal?

Alfalfa meal is added to provide a readily available source of soluble protein for rumen microbial growth.

Are there other essentials?

It is often recommended to include 1–1.5 lbs of calcium propionate and ¼ lb of potassium chloride and magnesium sulfate as part of an oral drench recipe.

PowerPak™ Drench Mix supplies these ingredients as well as live yeast and direct-fed microbials for optimum results.

What about quality and convenience?

The ingredients in AAS drench products are finely ground to be compatible with any esophageal pump system. Attention to quality standards provides consistent product in every dose.

AAS drench mix products are packaged in convenient single-dose or 50-lb bags.

What is Hilyses®?

Hilyses is a unique hydrolyzed 100% pure yeast culture with no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), fillers, or carriers. It is designed to support livestock through everyday stress, transitions, and disease challenge. Learn more at http://www.hilyses.com.

PowerPak™ Drench Mix is the drench with the difference, specially formulated to provide a complete mix of the right ingredients.
Drenching is one of the most beneficial ways to increase treatment success rates in sick and fresh cows.